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Welcome to Complete Care Rehab

Complete Care Rehab, LLC, is a privately owned and operated company providing physical services. Our physical therapy services are available as an out-patient. We offer services from three locations in metro- Detroit.

Our Mission

Complete Care Rehab, LLC, provides optimum patient care services using both "tried "and new innovative therapy techniques for several special diagnoses. We also provide patients, families and caregivers education concerning rehabilitation, Therapists are well-trained, well-supervised, and operate in a team environment with other therapists to provide optimum care.


Decrease or eliminate pain.

Restore lost ROM and Strength.

Improve Endurance.

Regain diminished function partially or completely.

Increase independence in Activities of daily living.

Rebuild confidence and motivation to work towards recovery.

Help to adapt to any permanent physical changes.

Promote healing and improve circulation.

Overcome setbacks from disease, accidents, and aging, etc.,

Restore coordination and balance (static or dynamic).

Correct posture, Re-learn skills, Promote Flexibility

Regain or improve the ability of ambulation.

Relief from discomfort.

Prevention of injury.

Return to work after injury treatment.

Faster recovery from injuries.

Post-operative pain (chronic).

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a unique science and art that utilizes a wide variety of procedures to restore function to the body, reduce pain and help prevent future injury. Our talented clinical team devise individualized treatment plans to achieve the specific goals of each patient. After an initial physical examination and diagnosis by a physician, patients are referred to Complete Care Rehab. At the first visit, patient undergoes an initial evaluation and an individualized treatment program is designed, in conjunction with the physician's prescription, to meet the patient's specific rehabilitative needs. Under the plan of care set by Complete Care's Physical Therapist, patient goals are established and treatment begins.

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